Mobile Wireframe Deck

Co-create Mobile Services together without prototyping apps!



Mobile UI Card deck has two different types of cards: 110 UI-cards and 40 navigation cards. The deck is a simple ideation tool. Work alone or in a team to build prototypes of your ideas. The goal is to have an idea of the structure and the content of your mobile service. First, create simple information architecture and then design screens. Add more content as you move on. In an hour you can accomplish a lot and have fun.

How to use Navigation cards?

1. Select the parts you want to add to your service from the deck

2. You can use blank cards as placeholders, if you can´t find suitable cards in the deck

3. Design the information architecture by arranging your cards according to the navigation hierarchy.

How to use UI-cards?

1. Place the cards on top of each other to build a screen. Use your smartphone to take a photo of you design.

2. Repeat the process until all your screens are complete.

3. By browsing through the photos, you can demonstrate the idea of the service.

Order and have fun!

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 7 × 10 × 6 cm