Get guided experience of Design Games!

Tools that help you communicate your ideas? RuffPROTO® UX design games are easy-to-learn, fun and engaging; games that create actual solutions to your design challenges.

Design games are a methodology originating from participatory design in which co-creation happens using a game as a creative platform.

Guided RuffProto Design Game workshops can be organized to groups of 3 up to 60 people. We offer customized workshop for organizations, bring sets of Design games along with an experienced facilitator for your event. Usually workshop takes about 3-4 hours, so it can be arranged, for example as part of a company event or a study meeting.

Guided Design Game workshops are perfect for:

  • Developers and designers
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurs and investors
  • Teachers, researchers and students
  • etc.

If you are interested about guided workshop, let us know about your needs and let´s see if we can facilitate workshop for your organization.

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